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Designing Your Oasis: Aesthetics and Style in Shade Sail Installation

A patio or a garden are spaces in which you would love to spend your spare time. But a scorching sun above these structures often limits you from having a good time. Since UAE is a place with an arid desert climate chances are high for you to get disappointed by the blistering sun above those structures.

In this scenario, it is a blessing to have sunshade sails above your garden, swimming pool, or patio. The functionality of these shade sails will compete with the aesthetic beauty they offer.

A UV ray reflection or effective sunlight blockade might help you to rest comfortably under the shade. This opportunity is complemented by the ambiance provided by sunshade sails that come in different shapes and colors.

Shade sail installation UAE requires consideration of exposure to sunlight and availability of supporting structures. 

You should also invest some time in designs that provide better aesthetic appeal to your outdoors. And here is a guide to start with.

Colour choices

Sun shade suppliers in UAE offer a variety of colors that come under neutral, vibrant, and nature-inspired shades. Neutral colors such as beige and grey go along with any other colors of your architecture. Then the vibrant shades. These colors are like a style statement among shade sail installation UAE. The earth-toned colors like sandy brown are another choice to compliment the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors.

Shape choices 

A combination of triangle-shaped designs seems to be the trend of sunshade sails. There are also square or rectangle-shaped shade sails. The choice of a shape includes your preferences for shade and aesthetic looks.

Design options

Shade sails can be arranged as a single piece or a combination of different shapes. Here are a few arrangements you can choose from:

  • Try overlapping: Overlapping sunshade sails of different colors and shapes provide an artistic element to your outdoors while offering extra sun shade.
  • Curved shade sails: In Shade Sail Installation UAE you can try twisted shade sails such that the curves follow the contours of your space. This will enhance the purpose of sails, that is to provide sun blockade, along with a creative touch and uniqueness. 
  • Add lighting with your shade sails: This gives an opulent ambiance for your outdoors, especially during evening times. An LED strip attached to the edges of the sunshade sail enhances the aesthetics of your patios. This will compel you to spend more time at your home. 
  • Try adding holes: This may appear to be an irony considering the purpose of sunshade sails. However, cutting holes in the unique pattern will result in the playing of lights in chosen spaces. You will find such a design amusing.

With support from an experienced master craftsman, you can explore more design options to decorate and protect your outdoors with sun shade sails. A creative mind who has seen enough designs can help you create custom combinations of shade sails that could enhance the aesthetic beauty of your surroundings. This is the sole purpose for which companies like Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC have committed themselves.

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