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Aluminium Vs Metal For Solar Frames: A Comparison

Solar panels can be found either affixed to a rooftop or suspended above the earth in a backyard. However, irrespective of their location, they seldom rest level with the surface. Generally, they are affixed to solar panel platforms.

Typically, these containers are constructed from aluminium or steel. As you may have surmised, the selection of one material over the other is not arbitrary; each material has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. To aid in your decision, Solar Frame Manufacturers shall examine several distinctions between solar panel mounting made of aluminium and steel.

Steel vs Aluminium for Your Solar Project

Steel and aluminium are therefore both feasible materials for your forthcoming solar panel endeavour. However, one must undoubtedly be superior to the other.

It ultimately hinges on your circumstances and requirements. Four primary factors warrant consideration.

  • Strength

Unquestionably, resilience is among the most essential factors to consider when installing solar panels. The framework you select must be capable of supporting at least that much weight on your solar panels.

Why? Solar panels are costly; therefore, the last thing you want is for them to fail. A robust mounting system prevents the collapse of your solar panels and any snow or detritus they accumulate. This attribute is critical in the face of storms and high gusts according to Solar Frame Manufacturers.

In this regard, steel racking might seem like the superior option. Steel is, after all, a more durable material than aluminium. Nevertheless, technological advances in aluminium have rendered it more durable than ever before, without compromising the attributes that will be discussed in greater detail below.

Moreover, despite its relatively lower strength in comparison to steel, aluminium exhibits an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio. In application, this signifies that aluminium is capable of withstanding substantial strain prior to fracture.

  • Regarding weight

Although steel is marginally more durable than aluminium, it is considerably heavier. In contrast to steel (2.7g/cm3), aluminium possesses a density of 7.8g/cm². Steel is, therefore, over three times the mass of aluminium.

Although steel’s additional weight can be advantageous in specific construction contexts, lightweight aluminium is generally more suitable for mounting solar panels, particularly when situating the panels on the roof.

  • Durability and Resistance to Corrosion

Solar panels are constructed to last; their mounting device should be as durable. While both steel and tempered aluminium exhibit comparable durability, they differ in their resistance to corrosion.

Rusting can occur when steel is exposed to the elements over time. Steel becomes less durable and less aesthetically pleasing as it rusts.

If steel is an essential component, stainless steel provides resistance to corrosion. Nevertheless, it is more expensive and heavier than conventional steel. Therefore, it is suboptimal as a material for solar panel racking.

Conversely, aluminium is resistant to corrosion, although unprotected variants are susceptible to rusting. Therefore, it is easy to prevent corrosion, as you can choose from inexpensive protective coverings such as:

  • For powder coatings
  • The process of anodisation
  • A paint

It is also critical to mention that although corroded aluminium may have an unattractive appearance, it presents minimal structural danger.

  • Price

Finally, but surely not least, there is the difference in price. Aluminium is generally more expensive than steel. Nevertheless, what you pay for is precisely that.

When adequately treated, aluminium is both lightweight and strong, and it is also resistant to corrosion. It is considerably more cost-effective for mobile situations or long-term installations.

Additionally, aluminium may be less expensive than steel when being transported over vast distances. Moving aluminium is less expensive due to its lower weight as suggested by Solar Frame Manufacturers.

No matter where you intend to install your solar panels, our knowledgeable staff can be of assistance. Orange Aluminium possesses a variety of mounting solutions for solar panels as well as the expertise to implement them.

Do you have a more particular concept in mind? Solar shade suppliers in UAE are available for all plans and projects. For further information, be sure to get in touch with Solar shade suppliers in UAE immediately; we would be delighted to assist you in transitioning to sustainable solar energy.

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