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A stylish and cost-effective car parking shade sail

A stylish and cost-effective car parking shade sail

Cars are considered as an asset and their value decreases over time. The average span of a car is between 8-10 years but it could be higher for well-maintained cars. The deterioration rate increases if there is no adequate protection of the vehicle from the sun. If the vehicle remains exposed to the sun for a very long time, it loses its gloss or brilliance. There is a chance that the paint will chip or flakes will fall out from the car surface. These aspects reduce the vehicle value and the car doesn’t look so great.

Every place doesn’t have a car shade and outdoor shades supplier in UAE can work for installation of the exterior shade for your vehicles to keep them safe and protected from UV rays of the sun. Shade sail installation in UAE is done for the customized size of the vehicle. If you need a shade for multiple vehicles, the design could be customized accordingly. The designs are crafted for the protection of entire commercial car parking or individual car parking in the outdoor locations in the commercial areas or residential places without much space for the closed parking.

The car parking shades supplier in UAE installs the best quality car shades that can reduce the chances of skin problems. It is important to get protect your car but you can’t skip the importance of your skin that could be hampered with the UV rays exposure that is the biggest source of skin troubles. Shade sails offer better UV protection for your vehicles and keep them protected. On the other hand, it even saves your skin from direct exposure to the sun that saves it from many derma problems.

The sail doesn’t only give you peace of mind for the protection of your vehicle but it also enhances the look of a place. Apart from the vehicle shades, there is a garden deck area, backyard, terrace area, playgrounds, stadium zones, or swimming pool shades in UAE designed for different purposes. The shade sail installation in UAE is done with the different goals to provide a well-looking area that is highly functional with the provision of shade.

Shade sails in the colder regions help the cars to get shelter from snow, hail, or other natural elements. They can be set up by reliable providers in your area and the free area becomes useful with the shelter. There is no compromise of beauty required with the functioning as the car parking shades supplier in UAE establish the best structures matching up with the particular design or environment. They can even add to the beauty of a place by giving a great look to the shelters. The places with extreme weather conditions, like UAE with the highest temperature ranges, do require vehicle shelters for protecting them.

There are different types of car parking shade patterns installed worldwide. However, in UAE, there are only three major types of being installed at residential or commercial locations:

  • Classic curved sail
  • Modern flat Cantilever car parking shade
  • Modular car parking shades

How to choose the best provider?

The leading car parking shades suppliers in UAE can be selected by checking out the testimonials and reviews of the people. You can even check out the website to review the true published designs from the company. The modular concepts are best suitable for the places where there is a scope for the expansion and the providers must be asked about these questions before finalizing them to take their services. Ask for their suggestion for your place and get a substantial range of car parking shades with a different base, fabric, and style categories. Car parking shades in UAE can be installed by various companies and you must consider the options from the company giving you a guarantee for protection from sunlight and hot winds.

Benefits of including Outdoor Shades: 

  • Protection from harsh weather: Outdoor sail shades can help a place to get protected from the harsh weather. It can reduce the UV rays entry by up to 99% and the reduction in sunlight can decrease the temperature of the place where your car is placed. It can maintain good health for your car and your own skin.
  • Attractive appearance: The beautiful car shades look attractive outside your house or in a commercial area. It fulfills the idea of keeping a place good in terms of utility by giving it a great appearance. The customized shades are matched with the décor and surroundings of a place to match well with that area.
  • Utilization of place: The whole empty place can be utilized to give a fair look to the place. There can be reduced costing in comparison to creating permanent parking at a place that is not practically feasible.
  • Easy care and low maintenance: The outdoor shades supplier in UAE work on the best performance of the sail shades. They make use of the finest material that is water repellent and resistant to strong winds and heat. These do not require much maintenance and can be easily cared to fetch a permanent place for the car parking.
  • Enhance the utility: The utility-based concepts by car parking shades supplier in UAE can expand the parking space and give comfort to the car owners to park their cars in a protected environment. These are inexpensive and customized ways to get car parking with full UV protection.


Gulf Fab Shade Engineering L.L.C provides the best designs and utilization for shade sail installation in UAE. We customize the shades as per the area requirements and the best designs to install the most functional and attractive shades. We are the car parking shades supplier in UAE offering unique solutions for outdoor shades with supreme quality. There are extensive car parking shades installed for residential and commercial uses all over the UAE.

The tensile strength of the shades is higher and the larger areas could be covered with ease. Moreover, the shades remain intact for a long time. The designing and arrangement required for car parking sheds are done professionally by the experts working in this industry for a minimum of a decade. Gulf outdoor shades supplier in UAE are reliable and create the genuinely best designs with high-quality materials to protect your vehicles from harsh UAE weather. The company provides the most attractive swimming pool shades in UAE that can make your pool area look amazing by using high-quality shades that can save your skin from the UV rays of the sun. You can contact them for any kind of outdoor shades services and they will give you the best options for all your requirements.

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