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Beat Summer Heat by Using Tensile Sunshades

During the summer, UAE becomes extremely hot. Spending a hot summer day can quickly become a daunting task if proper precautions are not taken. It does not mean that you cannot have a gala time enjoying the outdoors. Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC, one of the best sun shade suppliers in UAE supplies high-grade sunshade tensile structures that enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor living room. You can easily select the best one suited to the esthetics of your region with different styles to choose from.

Tensile Shade Structure and Its Uses

Tensile structures are designed to carry tension rather than compression or bending. Tensile structures are a type of marquee that comes in a variety of sizes and is used for a variety of purposes all over the world. Other than car parking shades in Dubai, a tensile structure may be used for:

For Roofing

Tensile structures can act as large roofs for homes and small communities. Tensile roofing structures are pre-engineered structures that provide shade, comfort and fulfill the weather protection requirements of buildings. Tensile roofs are simple to install and can be customized to fit any size or design requirement. 

Conical Tensile Structures

Conical tensile structures are usually mounted in open space to make the sitting area comfortable in large open areas. Conical tensile structures serve as large pavilions or gazebos that can be set up so that parties from small to big scale, indoor gaming competitions and much more can be organized. 

Due to the incorporation of strong steel frames to provide support to the overall structure weight, conical tensile structures are known for their unprecedented strength and are light in weight. They have a smooth appearance and are simple to use and manage. Conical tensile systems have the advantage of being able to be combined to cover large areas. 

Walkway Structures

Walking along long walkways in Dubai under the scorching sun is extremely difficult. The tensile structures are used to install that help alleviate the situation and provide protection from the worst of the heat. These are also used to attend exhibitions and seminars in shopping malls, parks, and even open-air venues. The walkway structures are simple to mount and dismantle, and they look attractive while adding a classy touch to the environment in which they are installed.

Car Parking Structures

Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC, the leading tensile shades supplier in the UAE can provide our clients in and out of the UAE with efficient and cost-efficient car parking shades with traction structures. Car parking shades consisting of tensile fabric structures in UAE are strong and lightweight and allow customers to install them at lower costs and with less labor. In the event of moving a house, it can also be removed and easily moved. The most efficient car shades we install are usually made of weatherproof, durable, and perfect polycarbonate sheets to be used in homes and offices. 

Create Effective Internal Fabric Sealing

Tensile structures can also be used with frame mounts to create efficient internal fabric sealing. They can also be customized and assembled, mounted, or molded according to the requirements of the customer. Due to its availability in different colors, internal fabric sealing can be efficiently stretched to match the style and add to the general decor of your home or office.

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Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC, one of the leading sunshade suppliers in UAE provides strict quality control and a long-term personal service commitment to our outstanding customers. Our dedicated and innovative well-educated team.

Our tensile shade structures are of exceptionally high-quality, extremely durable, and top-of-the-line products and have been made into renowned, high-quality, and highly skilled technicians along with the expert installation of sun shades. 

By adding innovative structural designs, frame materials, we have continuously improved our service and quality. Our courteous, professional staff are pleased to provide the best shade structures for both residential and commercial clients.

We provide a broad variety of tensile fabric structures in the UAE. Our self-design shade structures provide a magnificent view to both your outdoor and business areas

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