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Reasons Why You Should Invest In Custom Shade Sail Installation

Shade sails can be among the best upgrades to your business building. With shade sails, you can not only keep your staff comfortable and safe from harsh sun rays but also attract more buyers. You might want to do a shade sail installation UAE project for those and other benefits. If so, have you considered what type of installation you want to choose from between custom and pre-made options?

Several companies create shade sails according to client specifications. There are advantages to investing in made-to-order shade sails in place of their pre-made counterparts. Here, we will explain why you might want to do business with an outdoor shades supplier UAE location that deals in the custom-made products.

It Is Possible To Make Shade Sails According To Your Size Or Shape Requirements

The obvious benefit of custom-built shade sails is that these products can be tailored to your requirements. Is there an area at your business location with a strange shape that does not suit a standard triangular or square shade sail? If so, consider investing in a custom shade sail installation UAE work. Similarly, if your business area is larger than what pre-made shade sails can cover, consider the same kind of investment for proper coverage.

You Can Pick The Fabric

You can select the raw material you want for the shade sails. Thus, you will have some more control over how much you would pay since the material varies in price according to its quality. Ask the sun shade suppliers in UAE for the variety of fabrics with which they make these products, and contact them for an idea about how those materials would affect the price.

Custom Shade Sails Come In More Colors

With a custom-built shade sail, there is a larger set of colors for you to pick from as compared to a pre-made sail. Imagine that you visit a local hardware store for shade sails. You might be lucky if you happen to find the products in more than three colors at that store. On the other hand, a business that specializes in shade sails will have more colors for use at your business location. The available colors would depend on which fabric you pick for the product.

Custom Shade Sails Can Provide Better Quality And Protection

In most cases, custom-built shade sails offer more protection from ultraviolet rays as compared to their pre-made versions. When it comes to the quality aspect, the key factor to consider is the warranty that the fabric offers. There are both custom-built and pre-made products with impressive durability, like up to about 15 years. When dealing with a shade sail installation UAE supplier, be sure to ask your potential vendor about how long the fabric will last. It will give you an idea about the quality of the overall product.


Are you looking for the best custom-made shape sails here in the United Arab Emirates? If so, your search would end with Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC. We can make shade sails according to your requirements with the best materials possible. We have also been in the custom shade sail installation UAE business for a long time now. So, think about contacting us for an estimate to discuss the specifics of your shade sail project.

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