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Transforming Large Stadium with best types of shades

Gulf Fab Stadium shades supplier, UAE

For outdoor stadiums, it is important to install sun protection shades which offer protection from heat, hail and UV rays. This is not only a need but also a commitment to the community who enjoy being outside. You can see bleachers on stadiums which can be a good option as a sun shield. But integrating shades over bleachers are more effective for larger groups in many occasions. Gulf Fab, stadium shades supplier, UAE , offer wide range of high quality shades for stadiums, and car parking which can bring all the required features of a shade to its function.

Shade structures for outdoor Stadiums

For outdoor stadiums, a cantilever type or a 4 post- hip rectangle shade is suitable. But essentially a UV protected structure with high quality engineered shades is preferable to protect from sun, heat, hail and UV rays. Installing stadium shades can be costlier but this investment can pay off the cost with many benefits. Even the hottest days can be spent cooler with comfort under the shade structure. A UV resistant shade structure encourages people to come with family to the stadiums more often. This feature can give long life to the equipments, turf and seating from excessive heat. Moreover the after maintenance costs get reduced improves the worker efficiency and can save time.

Things to consider on Sunshades

While choosing a shade system for either stadiums or for car parking, we must think about many factors from selection to installation. Shades controls glare for the people’s visual comfort and help to eliminate excess heat from direct sunlight. Make sure the type of shade system meets the program requirement like for a large group in outdoor stadiums or for parking vehicles in a residential or commercial space. It will be good if the system has automated control mechanisms to manage the daylight into the space. Use shades which help to meet the projects energy goals and understand how it fit into the plan. And use sunshades that are UV resistant and quality assured product for longer life span.

Sunshades Benefits of installing

Either it is a stadium shade or a car parking shade, there are some common factors to understand about their function, which will definitely teach you why sunshades are essential. Sunshades protect us and our vehicles from overheating. The intense heat of summers causes many issues for vehicles like expansion & bursting of tires. And at outdoor stadiums, people may suffer from sun burn and related health issues if no proper shading system is available. So it is necessary to install UV protection sunshades for outdoor activities.

Sunshades are essential for outdoor parking and outdoor stadiums at other seasons too as they provide protection from wind, rain and dust. Finding the right stadium shades supplier, UAE is important to choose from different tensile fabric structures for various applications. If you choose the modular fabric structure, they can provide the features like light-weight, water proof, fire resistance and durable to provide a longer life span. Moreover, these structures come with different sizes, colors and shapes to suite every outdoor area.

UV Resistant Sunshade Features

Gulf Fab UV Resistant Sunshades provide complete protection from excessive heat and harmful rays. Our products come with various color patterns, sizes and shapes with UV resistant HAPE material. Best to install for outdoors, stadiums and gardens, our sunshades adopts high density polyethylene UV protected fabric, sun proof & breathable. The structures have dense and wide stitch width to ensure firmness and secure support.

Tips to extract long life durability for sunshades

Sunshades surely keep a cooler environment for vehicles and people under it. But have you thought about their maintenance to get a long life for the sunshades? Sunshades need at least an annual maintenance for its durability. We can say how!

Keep the sunshades clean always not only for a better appearance but also for maintaining the fabric quality. Brush away the debris regularly with soft brooms and hoses or you can wipe with soft cloth. Make sure plant parts or leaves get deposited on the exterior part of sunshades as the plant acids can destroy the material.

Find whether the joints are designed to be self- lubricating and follow the manufactures maintenance instructions. Remove the debris from joints if deposited with a hose and soft cloth. If the exterior awing gets a lot of use, you may need to apply silicon-based spray lubrication annually.

Checking the warranty is important if you experience unusual wear & tear or any operational issues within the time frame. Gulf Fab Stadium shades supplier, UAE, offer a comprehensive warranty for the fabric, the movable parts and also for the installation services.

Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC

Stadium Shade Supplier, UAE

We, the Gulf Fab Stadium shades supplier, UAE ,with the highest experienced services in shade manufacturing and supplying, creates reliable shade structures for stadiums to provide the modest solutions for sun protection. Offering high quality fabrication and installation services, we derive the finest results in the shade manufacturing industry. We do customizations for the products, well crafted and engineered covers that can bring every stadium capable to hold huge crowds under complete UV protection. We ensure our stadium shade structures can bring comfort, best airflow and natural light with unobstructed views for the crowd at any pace.

Gulf Fab Engineering LLC is providing technology driven infrastructural solutions for structural design & building contracting in UAE. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of parking shades and canopies for outdoor areas, stadiums and swimming pool spaces. We also provide quality tensile shades, outdoor umbrella shades, beach shades and sunshades. We offer world-class shade designs, fabric architecture, shade fabrication and complete protection for every type of projects in industry or commerce. Find out the services we offer below.

  • Structural fabrication
  • Parking shade manufacturing
  • Canopy manufacturing
  • Shade sail installation
  • Constructing Industrial, commercial and residential buildings
  • Pre-designed shade structure
  • Factories & warehouses
  • Petrol stations
  • Tensile shade structures

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