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best car parking shade company in UAE

Car Parking Shades: Blocks, Reduces Glare and With Cool Look

Are you worried that your baby on wheels is draining her energy in the bright scorching sun? people often hesitate to install a good car parking shade thinking it is a loss of money. While it is high time to recognize that a car parking shade is indeed a dire need for the longer run of your vehicle. To build a resourceful car parking shade, you need to hire a good car parking shade suppliers in UAE who will customize with your requirements. Gulffab, one of the best car parking shade company in UAE, is acknowledged with the benefits of a car parking shade and builds in such a way, your car enjoys a cool environment.

Car parking shades are important so that your car is protected from the fluctuating weather. It guards the car from solar radiation. UV rays, rain, dust etc. a car lying under a car parking shade do not often face attacks from birds or insects. A good car parking shade supplier in UAE designs them to have maximum protection and also to save a lot of energy. By giving your car a cooler environment for vehicles, the amount of energy vaporisation due to the sun is reduced. With custom design of car parking shades you can ensure security of your cars.

Read further to know some of the popular car parking shades

Cantilever parking shade

The environment friendly parking shade that covers wider range upto 200 m has an admired aesthetics. It needs minimal material and structural support which also gives maximum shade to your vehicles.

Cantilever double hanging parking shade

The complete shade for your car is ensured with this design it covers from the dashboard, shields electronic components of the car, while maintaining the heat generation and also preventing windscreens from cracking.

Truss car parking shades

It is ideal for locations that require open space, while enhancing its demand for the high quality and low cost support cantilever shade.

Lamp umbrella design

It is best suited for residential buildings and commercial establishments as it is the blend of purpose and beauty.

Inverted umbrella bottom pole

It is also a great choice for residential buildings and commercial establishments

k-span parking shade

if you are in a location which is vulnerable to climatic conditions, this design will be the best choice. K-span parking shade suits best for any climatic conditions ensuring better safety for your vehicles.

Cone design car parking shade

If you are looking for a car parking shade that suffice single or multiple parking needs and have less area, then cone designed car parking shade will be ideal choice which compact your land.

Sail design car parking shade

Looking for a car parking shade which can cover larger parking grounds, large commercial areas, festive centres etc would be a sail designed car parking shade

Gulffab designs the car parking shades to provide most possible protections which also binds aesthetically with your land area. Ensure your cars are protected with suitable car parking shades.

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