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Cool and Innovative Roof Shades That Make Your Home Stand Out

Who doesn’t want a hot cup of coffee outdoors with some fresh air? Won’t it be memorable to have a game with your kids in the lawn without getting tired of the scorching heat of sun? Gulf Fab, roof shade suppliers in UAE comes with amazing designs of roof shades to make your home stand out, with grandeur and your family enjoying the nature.

Our products are produced with materials adapting to the climatic disturbances giving you the best experience of outdoors. The comfort and excellent outlook of our roof shades make us the best roof and sun shade suppliers in UAE.

Aesthetic Room Shades Along With Updated Innovation

When innovation and beauty clubs, it builds a comfortable place to spend.

Glass Sheet Porch Roof

Having a glass sheet porch roof is an amazing experience, when a family could spend the rich sunshine of UAE with good shade and coverage. The glass material used by our team, extends the comfort of shade while receiving good amount of sun shine.

Gable Roofed Balcony

How about sitting in height enjoying both the sky and land? Gable Roofed Balcony is a good choice for people who love the beauty of nature.

Back Porch Roof

When you want an outdoor also easily accessible to the indoors, Back Porch Roof is a good preference. It is a space full of possibilities to bring out a colourful garden and also have a small family tea talk being very close to the comfort of your indoors.

Sunroom Porch Roof

Do you prefer an outdoor where your moment won’t be ruined by the changing weather? An enclosed, transparent outdoor experience is an uninterrupted one. Gulf Fab, roof shade supplier in UAE, uses specially manufactured materials to make your experience good.

Metal Porch Roof

Are you a person who enjoys the aesthetics of nature and grandeur of architecture? Then metal Porch Roof is customised for you. It gives an elegant touch, with different styles and materials. The outdoor experience is marked out with shadow texture it forms all over the place.

Flat Roof Porch

Spaciousness is an always admired factor. Flat Roof Porch is designed to lend the experience of the outdoors equally with enough space to occupy your family. It provides room for plants, wall decors, and luxury carpets making it more homely and adding to its beauty.

Vaulted Ceiling Roof

A vintage look is admired beyond the time limits and people. Vaulted Ceiling Roof turns a patio into a seating area with luxurious outlook. The intricate stone structures and wooden touch embarks an unmatched love for the place.


Our team, best roof shade and sun shade suppliers in UAE designs your home with a gentle touch of beauty and trust.

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