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Shade Sails Can Keep Your Parked Car Cool and Protected From UV Damage

Shade sails are absolutely necessary to keep your car from damages caused by external factors. Shade sails or Sun shades for cars are available in different types. Some of the typically used varieties are curved sails, cantilever and modular concept shades. Curved sails cover the area effectively protecting from direct sunlight and providing the entry of filtered light. Sturdily constructed to withstand weather, dust and dirt they look attractive and are easy to maintain and repair. The advantage of cantilever shades is that they only need support posts on one side of the structure compared to normal shade sail which need two posts. These shades therefore not only provide good view but also provide an easy access to vehicles. The curved rafters of this shade will allow water runoff. A modular concept shade is beneficial for installing in larger areas. Constructed to withstand harsh weather these shades provide high resistance against ultraviolet rays. These structures can be easily installed and dismantled. Gulf Fab, sun shade suppliers in UAE is dedicated in providing the finest shade sails. Recognised as the leading car parking shades supplier in UAE, Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC offers the best shade sail installation UAE. Along with offering designing, fabrication and installation of car shading structures we also provide steel and aluminium fabrication, awning and canopies outdoor, stadium & roof shades, sun shades and swimming pool shades.

While choosing shade sails it is necessary to select good UV resistant sun shades. A good UV resistant sun shades is:

  • Heat insulted
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Durable and strong
  • Have quality frames and structure
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Stable Tension
  • Made of premium raw materials

Benefits of installing Shade sails/ Sun shades

Protection from direct sunlight

Sunlight is one of the main villains which dull the look of a car. The paint which you selected dearly for your car will fade away easily if the car is exposed to sunlight for a long time. Direct sunlight also makes the car hot causing discomfort to people inside. So in order to maintain the paint as well as the temperature it is best to install a sun shade.

Shield against changing weather

Apart from sunlight other weather conditions like storm, rain wind etc also cause damage to cars. Weather can affect the paint, windows, tyres and even the overall performance efficiency of the car. Acid rains can lead to car paint burns spoiling the look of the car and hails can cause dents on the cars. Costs for correcting these damages will be high which will eventually burn a hole in your pocket. Car shades provide protection against such extreme weather conditions.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can lead to damage of car paint. Since they are acidic they will lead to stains which can forever remain on the surface of the car. Shade sails keep this at bay.

Following things should be considered when you are looking for shade sails for cars.

  • Company providing the service– experience in the industry, customer review etc
  • For what purpose you are installing it – domestic or commercial
  • Installation method – individually or sequentially
  • Where – determine the size and how much space is required for installation
  • Material and design – examine the durability and strength of the material. Decide on the design.

High UV rays from sunlight and other external factors can spoil the overall look of a car. Therefore rather than leaving the car exposed in the open air it is necessary to use good quality sun shades for car parking. Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC, the prominent car parking shades supplier in UAE have substantial car parking shades with variety of styles and fabric options. We will design and install the shades as per your demand and liking. Hurry up and contact us.

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