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Types of shades that can be used to cover your swimming pool

If you are looking for a pool shade, you are at the right place. We have some suggestions for pool shades that can be installed at your budget. Moreover Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC has a range of popular options for swimming pool shades UAE with standard quality and at market prices.

  • A Retraceable Sail

The Retraceable Sail is made from high-quality shade cloth, which provides high-level of weather and UV protection. You can have water-proof options and can choose custom-made Retraceable sail to suit your area. Gulf Fab’s retraceable sails are unique and effective to protect your pools from any weather conditions and UV rays. Retraceable sail with a simple rope system helps to pull the shade in and out using pulleys and stainless-steel support wires. With this flexible feature, Retraceable sails can be used for pools and patio areas. You can also extend the sail to reduce temperatures at summers, and make outside areas cool and nice. Retraceable sails create shade, help store evaporation, aid to pool heat and protect from harmful UV rays.

  • Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are pool shades with style and better functionality, providing excellent weather protection and s a perfect solution for pools. These types of shades provide high quality workmanship, comes in a robust aluminum case with water-resistant acrylic canvas. Gulf Fab’s Folding arm Awnings got a minimalistic design with a completely protected head box. You can choose from a manual crank operated one or the electronic one. Now, home automation options are available, where you can operate the awing using a smart phone and a safety sensor feature with which you can pull the shade before wind damage can occur.

  • Permanent outdoor umbrella

Permanent Outdoor Umbrella is a nice option with a Gold standard. These shades can provide 50m2 of protection with a single support column. They have a minimal design, which is trending now for modern homes. The features of permanent outdoor umbrella make it to effortlessly tie-in with the existing surroundings. It provides excellent UV and rain protection and the large concrete footing can withstand cyclonic winds.

  • Shade Sails

Shade sails create shade easily and quickly and keep outside areas cool. It has a waterproof PVC fabric which gives protection from rain and UV rays. The fabric is made from high-quality shade-cloth fabric, stainless-steel wire edge, fixings and fittings. The sails are all 3D designed and the panels are stitched or welded together to create a single Shade Form sail. You can get a maximum 15 years warranty on the tear resistant sail with minimum puckering and less sag. Get in touch with Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC for shade sail installation UAE.

Gulf Fab Shade Engineering LLC.

Providing the best swimming pool shades UAE

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